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Monstrously delicious and food puns galore.

This story can be found on this blog, and in the anthology of collected Giftmas 2018 stories.

“Under Pressure”

Space. Western. Drabble.

This story can be found in Alban Lake Publishing’s Drabble Harvest #12

“Last Rites”

“Being dead is a lot like being hungover.”

This story can be found in the Write Like You’re Alive 2018 Anthology.

“Too Good, At Least”

Mica really wants to be a Baker. She’ll use any ingredient necessary.

This story can be found in issue two of Speculative City.


Merricat Blackwood brought home five library books on her last trip into town.

The entire We Have Always Lived in the Castle issue of NonBinary Review can be found here.

“The Saving of Morrison Tanner”

Morrison Tanner is living his best life now that he’s dead. But when an archivist gets to his death certificate, Morrison finds out that Heaven has an incredibly subjective definition.

This story can be found in Neologian: Kano: Mark II.

“CAT Beyond the Moon”

A sci-fi retelling of Puss in Boots, found in the Circuits and Slippers Anthology. Cara is the youngest in her family, and when her father’s Moon Meal mill goes bankrupt, her only inheritance is a small electric Creature for the Annihilation of Tragedy. Can the CAT help Cara achieve her dreams of becoming a successful scientist?