I am the creator of the Science Fiction based creative writing program The (K)indred Experiment, which will be piloting its first year in the coming 2016-17 school year. This program is designed for 5th and 6th graders and takes the form of a year-long extra curricular program. For full details please see The (K)indred Experiment website. Contact me at my personal email or thekindredexperiment [at] gmail.com for information about bringing the program to your school.


Whether you’re writing short fiction or a novel, a screenplay or a memoir, your story needs a few basic ingredients. Using a mix of discussion, reading, and writing exercises we will explore characters, conflict, setting, point of view and several other necessary elements. This workshop will provide every writer, from absolute beginner to seasoned professional, with a springboard from which to launch their next adventure.

This workshop can be adapted for any age group, and was run successfully at a local library with a mix of teen and adult learners. An abridged version of the workshop could be done in 4-6 hours, and the full workshop is designed to run over the course of several weeks, for a total of about 15 hours.

Please contact me to bring this workshop to your venue!