Commitment Problems

It is probably evident from that fact that the last post was a year ago, and written for a different website, that I am terrible about blogging. I was better at it when I was younger. Actually, that’s a lie. I was more consistent, and screaming my teenage angst into the void on a long forgotten livejournal, but not better. And Xanga. Does anyone still use Xanga?

However, I was reading the most recent issue of Neologian (which includes a story of mine!) and thinking about how much I missed grad school. The people were wonderful, and I am so grateful to be included in a journal with so many of my friends from school, but I also miss the academia.

I know academia has the potential to be incredibly self-indulgent and preachy, but I do miss discussions on other people’s writing, and craft, and dare I say it? Writing annotations. Somewhere in Canada a red head is having a heart attack. Sorry, Amanda. But I really didn’t mind writing annotations.

Maybe I can turn this space into a place for thoughts on things I’m reading, and writing. Maybe it will help me get into the swing of regular writing time and I can finish more than one story every six months. A process/annotation blog. Sounds great.

See you next year.




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