And Also With You: April Recap

April’s progress:

-Survived Tax Season at my day job.

-Got promoted, because someone quit. Hooray? Mostly. Promotions are good, but now we have to hire someone to do my current job and in an extra small office, finding the right personality is important. Fingers crossed.

-Read three books.

On the book front, I really enjoyed Sue Burke’s SEMIOSIS. The ending was a little weak, but that’s my only complaint. Otherwise, it’s a fascinating first contact story (sentient plants!) that asks interesting questions. For example: how sentient IS sentient? Who gets to take part in a particular society? What does it mean to be a functioning member of a society? (Hint: it’s effective communication.) 

Short story rec of the month has to go to Emma Torzs’ stunningly gorgeous, made-me-cry-into-my-wee-crockpot story,  “Like a River Loves the Sky.”   

Go read it right now, and while you’re at it, subscribe to Uncanny Magazine. I believe they’re having a subscription drive (it might be over? Not sure.) and it’s a really great SFF magazine. Support more stories!

-“Won” Camp NaNoWriMo.

I reached my goal of 30k words written for the month of April, across three projects. I’ve definitely discovered that I work better on multiple things, instead of trying to focus on just one. Have promptly face-planted on the word count so far THIS month, so I need to get back on that wagon. The goal is to get a novella polished for’s open call in July.

-Began a knitting project, but somehow I have zero pictures to show for it, so here’s a moderately creepy porcelain figurine, instead.


That expression either says “here, I brought you these flowers” or “the extra nitrogen from your decomposing body is going to make these forget-me-nots go gangbusters.” Could go either way. You’re welcome for the nightmares.

Husband and I have begun the Purging of Other People’s Paraphernalia portion of our old house renovation, so I’m sure there will be more pictures of weird things in the future. For the full chicken report (unbelievable amount of chickens–not live ones, thank god– but I really can’t shut up about them), I’ll be hashtagging #ThisArchaicHouse and #RenovationStation over on Instagram.

Happy Spring!

…Yes, fine, May the Fourth Be With You…


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