Write Like You’re Not Melting

It’s July 1, and I’ve sent off my first story for Zoetic Press’ Write Like You’re Alive challenge. The goal is to write one story per day for the entire month of July.

I hemmed and hawed for a few weeks about whether or not I was actually going to do this, because 31 in 31 is a LOT and it seems super daunting, but ultimately, I decided that I needed to do it. All of my finished stories are currently out on submission, so I’ve been playing the waiting game, and I need some new material to work on. For whatever reason, I accomplish more with a manic challenge like this one, or like NaNoWriMo. I need the pressure of a time limit to make myself write words, otherwise I agonize over every one and never get anywhere.

At the end of this, hopefully I’ll come out of it with 31 stories that I can revise and submit for the rest of the year. If I manage 25, I’m guaranteed that one of them will go in the Write Like You’re Alive anthology, which is an excellent motivator. It goes hand in hand with my goal of writing and getting published 3 brand new stories this year. At the midpoint of the year I’ve actually only written one new story, and while it’s one that I really like, it’s been rejected like 5 times already and it’s only existed for less than a  month.

I read three books in June, including the debut novella from my friend Jennifer Lee Rossman, Anachronism. I highly recommend this, and not just because she’s my friend. It’s a laugh out loud time travel adventure with a twist that will leave you gaping. Seriously. I’m super hard to surprise and I did NOT see this one coming.

Not much knitting happened, either, and I’m sure even less will happen in July. I’ve got half a pair of socks and I’m feeling like casting on a shawl today even though it’s literally 100 degrees outside.

We’ll see how that goes. Our basement is cool, but I might just be lazy and watch some X-files until the temperature is no longer blazing. Until next month, have a Cat picture.






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