Suddenly, September

It’s September! August was a good month for stories, for me.

My Great British Bake Off meets Sweeney Todd story, “Too Good, At Least” is available over on Speculative City. I had a blast writing this one–it was one of those rare stories that pretty much sprang from my head fully formed, like Athena. I love when that happens, and those are few and far between.

I also had two more stories accepted in August. “Last Rites” will be included in the 2018 Write Like You’re Alive anthology from Zoetic Press, which is due out in October. The other is called “Under Pressure” and is a Space Western drabble* that will be included in a collection of contest-winning drabbles put out by Alban Lake Publishing later this month. Links will be provided to the actual publications as they become available.

*Drabbles are 100 word stories and so incredibly hard, especially for people who tend to over-write, like me.

Book recommendations:

I read a bunch this month, thanks, vacation! If I were going to pick two (and I am) to recommend, then I’d definitely say Justina Ireland’s DREAD NATION, and Nicky Drayden’s THE PREY OF GODS.

Dread Nation is an alternate Civil War history with zombies and I devoured it, zombie pun 100% intended. It’s the first in a planned trilogy, so heads up on that feeling of incompleteness at the end, but it was a thoroughly engaging read. Jane is an awesome character, and I even liked Katherine by the end, so I can’t wait to read more of their adventures.

The Prey of Gods is set in a future South Africa that doesn’t begin as dystopian, but then some gods are awakened/pissed off, and the robots start revolting, and the dik diks are flooding the city like rats during the plague, and…

It goes downhill for the characters from there. I loved the blend of robots, dystopia and the fantasy-esque use of gods and their magic. Also there’s basically a whole chapter of dik dik jokes to indulge your inner twelve year old. You’re welcome.

Finally, a short story recommendation.

If you have not already read Bo Bolander’s “No Flight Without the Shatter” go do it RIGHT. NOW. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Right now. Then come back.


… Are you back? It was AMAZING, right? Did you cry? I did, a little. At my desk on my lunch break which is always a treat when the phone rings.

On the knitting front I have two projects on needles but I didn’t actually finish anything so all I have are half knit socks to show you. And one pair of half knit socks looks remarkably like every other pair of half knit socks.

Have a dik dik, instead. Again, you’re welcome.

dik dik deer

(Image credit: Wikipedia)



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