COVER REVEAL: Space Opera Libretti

It’s time for another cover reveal!

This one is for Space Opera Libretti, edited by Jennifer Lee Rossman and Brian McNett, an anthology of humorous science fiction set to music. Or about music. Or featuring music. However the contributing authors interpreted the call for submissions.

I was stoked because I just happened to have the right story.

As you may have guessed, I have a story in this collection. Mine is called “Groovy” and it features many classic 70s jams, lava lamps, and magic mushrooms. It’s silly. It’s fun. It’s… well… groovy.

So without further ado… the cover!


Anticipated publication date of mid-December.  I have no pre-order links as yet, but add it to your holiday shopping lists and I will pass on any and all information as it becomes available.

Stay tuned! You’ll definitely want this anthology. It will ear-worm its way into your heart.


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