Mid October Round Up

Hey, guess what? It’s time for another episode of “Here’s What Lizz Did Last Month.”

I was doing these at the beginning of every month, but since I’m now doing the Canon Blast! at the end of every month (which becomes the beginning if you wait a few days to read it…) I decided to do the info dump in the middle of the month instead.

Get it?

Got it.


October has felt an eternity long already, so September is a bit of a haze.

I had no stories accepted, but I did have one shortlisted! Fingers crossed that it becomes an acceptance, because I really liked the story and then I can tell you about it.

As previously mentioned, September saw the official launch of my new blog series, Canon Blast!, which will chronicle my journey through the Science Fiction and Fantasy “canon” that I missed. Go check out that post, if you missed it.

Similarly, check out my Patreon page! *does the shameless plug dance* You (yes, you!) can support my writing for as little as $1 per month (it’s actually per post, but my goal is only one post per month and you can set a limit for yourself and if I don’t manage a post you get charged nothing).

In return you get, for $1, the Canon Blast! post (which will continue to be free, so yeah, this doesn’t sound like a great deal yet, but wait! There’s MORE…) You will also get a flash fiction story from the point of view of a character that I felt was treated terribly or didn’t get enough screen time AND a cat picture. Of my cat. Not a rando cat.

For $3, you can have all that PLUS a brand new, original fiction story, which will likely be the adventure serial that I’m planning.

Hint: Gilligan’s Island in spaaaaace. And they’re musicians…

Reading recommendations for September:

The Book of M by Peng Shepherd.

This is a story of memory, love, loss and shadows. Ory and Max are a couple at the end of the world and Max loses her shadow. The loss of a shadow means gradual memory loss of everything that makes us human. Max sets off on her own, so that she’s gone before she forgets Ory, and when Ory finds her missing he sets off to look for her. I loved the multiple narrators and the way they intertwined. I loved the idea of the shadows and plot device of shadow loss. It’s magical, and lovely, and there was a twist at the end that actually made me gasp. If you know me, you know I’m very hard to surprise when it comes to plot twists. But this one got me, and it got me right in the feels, too.

Your short story recommendation is The Kite Maker by Brenda Peynado. So beautiful and relevant.

Finally, a knitting picture. I finished a pair of socks and promptly deleted the pictures. Rhinebeck is on Saturday, which is to say the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival IN Rhinebeck is on Saturday, since Rhinebeck is a where and not a what. But Rhinebeck, or yarnbeck, is the GREATEST DAY OF THE YEAR. It’s the day I get to join literally ten thousand other knitters on the Duchess County Fairgrounds and unapologetically buy yarn. It’s for real better than Christmas.

I haven’t decided which wooly thing I’m going to wear yet, but here’s a shawl in progress that I’d like to finish before Saturday regardless. Have to free up the needles for the shiny new yarn.


Stay tuned at the end of the month for the Canon Blast! on Isaac Asimov’s Foundation.


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