Quick Update

Hello friends!

It’s been awhile, because I am terrible at updating a blog. Also, I’ve been super busy.

Just two quick things before I’m off and running again:

1) You can now pre-order the ebook version of BRAVE NEW GIRLS Vol. 4, which contains my story Earthquake Machine. The link to that is right HERE.

2) I will be at my very first BookCon this weekend! BookCon2019 here I come! I’m so incredibly excited. If you see me, say hello!

Copy edits are turned in for one of the other anthologies I’m in, so hopefully I’ll have some updates on that, and a pre-order link for physical Brave New Girls copies soon, but that’s all for now.

Oh, and don’t forget Patreon! I’m better about updating that. Non fiction and fiction for just a dollar or two per month. It’s super helpful in keeping me motivated, too.

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