Pretty Bookish Things

I don’t know about the rest of you, but 2020 has not been a particularly productive year for me. My writing has suffered, my reading has suffered, the only thing that really hasn’t is my knitting because for a few months at the beginning of the pandemic that was ALL I had the motivation to do (hello, mask ear relief button bands! I made 250 of them… :D)

Recently though I’ve been plugging away at a couple novel drafts again, which I’m hoping to at least finish the first pass by the end of the year. Even more recently though, my friend and I were turned on to #Bookstagram on Instagram (late to the party, I know) but we’re having a blast with it.

I’m now one half of @andanotherthingreaders, your Bookstagram source for YA and SFF focused reviews, curriculum tie-ins, food and beverage pairings and more! We deep dive into one book per week, with a pairing to start the week on Saturdays, reviews on Tuesdays, and an education component on Thursdays.

In addition to that account, I also started my own books-and-knits account, @knitone_readtwo since my book BUYING has also not suffered–it’s a habit that I have justified with the fact that I’ve remained employed for the duration of the pandemic and I like to support my writer friends whenever possible.

I’m hoping both these projects will help me get my head back in the game of writing and producing my own content, but for now, it’s nice to create pretty bookish things. Check them out?

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