M1R (Make One Right): Giftmas Blog Tour

2020, right?

Okay, that’s done, because it’s December, and you’ve all been here living the same year I have so there’s no need to go on about what an off year it is.

I’ve been exceptionally lucky that I haven’t suffered in the extreme ways that some other folks have– my job is “essential” so I kept right on working. I’m something of a recluse (I learned) so my day to day didn’t change *that* much. In fact, Quarantine Life sort of suits me, to a point.

But Pandemic Brain is a real thing, coupled with an absolute shitshow of an election (in the US) and my writing has definitely suffered. I had lofty goals of finishing projects that didn’t happen. My reading habits suffered and I was not on track at all to hit my book goal for the year until very recently when a friend and I started a Bookstagram account and I got hooked. New hobby for the win! I may just make my 50 books for the year. We’ll see. If you like bookish content and have an Instagram, here’s a shameless plug for @andanotherthingreaders and my own personal one, @knitone_readtwo (see? I told you. ObSESSED.)

The only thing that hasn’t suffered is my knitting, and for much of the pandemic, that was really all I wanted to do. It was my small way of contributing to the overall crisis by making about 250 button bands to relieve pressure on the ears for over the ear mask wearers. I sent bundles to people I knew in healthcare, education, etc. Side note: I still have cotton and buttons. If you need any, shoot me a message. Happy to make more!

When I started thinking about the theme Rhonda picked for this year’s Giftmas Blog Tour, Connections, it sort of clicked why I spent so much time knitting. There’s the obvious– abnormally high anxiety and the serotonin release that comes with repetitive motion– but also, knitting is connection. It’s fitting yarn into loops and connecting stitches in predictable patterns to make something that wasn’t there before. If it’s an easy pattern I’ve made a lot, like socks, it’s something mindless but productive that I can do while watching tv. If it’s a harder pattern, I need quiet, but that sometimes gives me the chance to ponder plots that aren’t working in things that I’m not actively writing.

And when an object is finished, nine times out of ten, it gets packaged up and handed (or mailed) off to someone else. That’s my favorite part. I like making things for me. I love making things for other people. Even when we’re not in the middle of a pandemic, hand knits are my way of saying “hey, I like you” or “I’m sorry that happened to you” or “I’m here if you need help.”

I hope you’re still with me because that seems like a good segue to the whole point of the Giftmas Blog Tour, which is, connecting people to lend a hand (in the form of a few dollars in this instance) to help out folks who maybe didn’t fare quite as well during this global storm.

If you’re able, please consider donating to the Edmonton Food Bank. The link to the fundraiser is HERE. Because of the buying power of the food bank, every dollar you’re able to donate provides 3 meals. The goal of the fundraiser is $1000 and you can donate any time before it closes on December 19.

Thank you for your support!

If you’d like to connect with more people on the tour, check out yesterday’s posts from Beth Cato and Jemima Pett, the other posts today from Ceallaigh MacCath-Moran and Margaret Curelas, and stay tuned tomorrow for posts from Stephanie A. Cain and Kyla Maki.

Here’s to casting off 2020 and casting on a better year for everyone in 2021. Happy Holidays!

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